Welcome to the website of the Save the Vale Association, a group of volunteers from Somerset, Wiltshire and Dorset (South West England), whose aim is to oppose a recently submitted planning application by Ecotricity to install a wind power station at Symphony Farm in Cucklington, on the edge of the Blackmore Vale. Our objective is to show visitors to this website that wind turbines are not as green as is widely believed, but that wind power stations (or “wind farms”) are more an exercise aimed at profit and – because of high visibility - political gain. We aim to inform you that a number of other countries now face severe problems because of these installations and that there are alternative forms of clean, renewable energy, which are available locally, which do not bring the many complex potential health, safety, technical and aesthetic problems that are associated with wind turbines.

The Blackmore Vale called by Hardy “The Land of the Little Dairies”, largely remains so despite extremely difficult times for farmers.

ViewWe have small fields, thick hedges and gently rolling hills in the wide valley that is the Blackmore Vale. The two ridges of this valley are unusually uninterrupted. No pylons and few carefully disguised telephone masts. In fact the area was designated as having exceptional landscape value until recently, when we assume this was removed in order to put up telephone masts.

Somerset Council quite rightly gives grants to help protect and manage this landscape so why would anyone want to spoil it by erecting two huge wind turbines? These turbines at 100 metres will be 4 times the height of the beech trees in front of them and twice the height of Alfred’s Tower [a mere 49 metres yet visible from almost any location within a 20 mile radius].

Renewable energy is important but comes in many forms not only from wind turbines. The Save the Vale Association (SVA) is not in any conflict with the farmers who are involved with the current proposals, neither is it opposed to the development of renewable energy. We seek to convince South Somerset District Council that the Blackmore Vale is an inappropriate area for wind turbines; and there are alternative renewable energy sources.View Alternative ways of producing energy are now well developed. In the local area, we have companies which specialise in biofuel, biogas and biomass (click here for details of local alternatives). These have not apparently been considered by the District Councils, yet their use would assist many local farmers as well as local employment, rather than importing wind turbines from Germany, a country where scientific and public opinions appear to be moving against wind power stations. Much more use could also be made of Solar Panels - now a very well advanced technology. We plan to update this website with information on locally-found alternative sources of renewable energy.

Commitment to finding new forms of energy is essential but at what cost to our countryside? Within the Blackmore Vale we have several other means of producing renewable energy (click here for details). Look further into this site to find what the “Save the Vale” Committee are doing to help prevent the turbines and why.

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