Wind Turbines at South Somerset / North Dorset
Background Fact Sheet

  1. South Somerset District Council (SSDC) has chosen wind energy as the preferred source of renewable energy, and has been working closely with Ecotricity (the applicant) since 2001. SSDC has provided “encouragement and assistance” to Ecotricity, including identifying suitable sites - all of this without any discussion with local residents.
  2. North Dorset District Council was contacted by SSDC for an opinion in 2002, were the local people of North Dorset consulted? No!
  3. Each turbine will be twice the height of Alfred’s Tower, four times the height of the 200 year old beech trees along the ridge. Ecotricity say the trees will act as a screen for the turbines! 200 year old trees die, Turbines do not!
  4. Wind turbines work on average at 25-30% of their potential - the wind does not always blow! Conventional energy production has to be on standby to cover the shortfall. The electricity produced goes to the National Grid.
  5. There are other ways energy can be generated, such as bioethanol from wheat, methane from land fill sites, and the natural by-product of all those cows can both be harnessed - and save gases from polluting the atmosphere. There should be more emphasis on using less energy, not creating false comfort by the very visible presence of wind turbines. Click here to see information on locally available sources of clean energy.
  6. The Government has just put £ 100.5 million into a scheme that would put wind turbines off-shore in the Irish Sea. The number of turbines that can be built, and the prevailing weather conditions, means that this is a far more efficient way of producing sustainable energy than from land based turbines. South Somerset and North Dorset just does not have the right landscape for land based turbines.
  7. Ecotricity obtained planning permission for two turbines at Swaffham in Norfolk, and have applied for three more nearby. Their District Council - having allowed the first two, rejected the next three applications. This refusal has just been supported by an inspector from the Department of the Environment.

This politically correct and short-term rush to build wind turbines to meet the EU target of 10% of energy from sustainable sources by 2010, is clouding the true seriousness of the issue. Switzerland is taking no further action on wind turbines due to their visual impact and inefficiency, Finland will not have them, 100 German professors have signed a document against wind power (click here to see this “Darmstadt Manifesto”), there are 40 action groups against wind power in the UK - can all these people be wrong? We owe our future generations a better solution than this.

What next: click here to see what you can do.